– from Brian N. in Lisbon, WI

Question Details:

A fight occurred after somebody assaulted me with a weapon from behind. I didn’t hit the person first and I didn’t threaten this person either. The first attack happened with the weapon when my back was turned. We were both arrested for the altercation but I believe that I was acting out of self defense. Would you agree?

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

It sounds like self defense could be used as a defense here but more facts about the encounter would need to be answered. Even though the facts seem very straight forward and you may feel qualified to tell your side of the story to the authorities, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney beforehand.

An experienced attorney will help prove that you were justified in your actions and that you didn’t use excessive force in the situation. Without the proper consultation and information, you may have a difficult time proving your case – especially if the other party hires an attorney.

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