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The most crucial aspect of maintaining client relationships is readily available information. The ability to provide updates and case information at a moment’s notice is the equivalent of providing AAA customer service. Using technology throughout your firm is not only becoming imperative when it comes to research and case development, it is becoming imperative to integrate technology throughout your firm in order to connect each and every person for immediate information sharing.

We have discussed the client need for receiving information quickly and conveniently, but how will your clients receive this information when you are unavailable? Technology integration will allow an intern, secretary, or even a receptionist the ability to access this information for immediate sharing via Skype, Google Hangouts, or email – without hesitation. So long as the information requested is not protected, clients should be able to have access to it anytime they wish.units

This not only alleviates time constraints, it further frees up the time of the attorney by having the ability to delegate the responsibility of client communication. This is something that has been an impossibility in the past. As information is obtained, it should be compiled and organized under specific file names. This way, anyone may be able to transfer this filed information immediately upon request.

Connectivity and accessibility should be integrated throughout the entire firm. Most of these applications that provide interconnectivity are free of charge. Others provide even more services for a nominal fee. Board meetings may be held from the individual’s offices or homes, eliminating the need for physical appearances. This not only saves time, it also allows work to become streamlined. This elevates the ability to multitask, which further allows workloads to increase without strain. This saves on overhead costs, and increases profit margins.

With billable hours remaining the same, yet with faster results, faster research methods, streamlined communication and information sharing capabilities, faster case development and settlements, and increased interoffice communication, the work day becomes almost automated. Attorneys may enlist these methods to handle larger case loads, thus, increasing revenue – while still maintaining a manageable work routine. The key to nurturing and maintaining valuable client relationships depends on technology integration more than ever. This need will only increase as technology advances. Remaining informed of these advancements in technology will ensure profitability, and better cultivate client relationships.

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