Over the past decade, technology has changed the way we communicate. It has changed the dynamic of relationships; both personal, and business. Now more than ever, attorneys must embrace and adapt to the growth of technology when it comes to the legal process, and to also use it to better client relationships.

Most people, especially the younger generation, do not rely on home telephones, answering machines, and postal deliveries containing case information. Even voicemail can sometimes be a little “dated”. In the digital age, information sharing should be fast, if not instantaneous. Many find it much easier to communicate by texting and email.Saving-time-and-money

Basic technology has become a part of everyday life for many, and the ability to meet clients on their level promotes understanding. This in turn promotes trust. These are the building blocks for obtaining long-term client relationships. For the client, it is a matter of convenience and not making matters complicated. Keeping up with postal deliveries containing hundreds of papers is no one’s idea of a good time.

In fact, the idea of digital conversion does not only benefit the client – it makes the attorney’s job easier as well. Scanning documents and uploading them via email attachments means documents can be signed and returned in a matter of hours – no more two-week waiting periods before the next step can be taken. It is essentially streamlining the legal aspects of the communication process. Everyone wins.

Even texting can be made easy. I’m not talking about trying to speed type on your Smartphone’s small keyboard. There are dozens of apps on the market that can link your phone’s text messaging system to your desktop or laptop. This means you can just sit at your desk sending messages with the same ease as sending an email – right from your larger and more comfortable keyboard.

With the onset of digital information sharing comes a bevy of options in which to streamline client communication. It is not difficult integrating many of these options into your office protocols. In fact, they can be very easy to integrate – just signing in and clicking enter can connect every device in the office. Now, you will be connected to your partners and your clients instantly, saving both time and money.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

Managing Partner

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