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Children do not always turn out the way we expected them too. As parents we expect carbon copies of ourselves. If you are outgoing and friendly, you expect your child to be the same way. But that isn’t always what the doctor ordered.

The child comes along and is introverted, shy and likes to play alone for hours at a time. Being an extrovert, you’re not sure what type of approach parents with their two childrenis is right for raising this child, especially since you might have a hard time understanding their personality.

This can be tough enough, but then comes the second child – and this one is the exact opposite of baby number one! This child likes to run and play, loves everyone, and can’t sit still for five minutes. Now you’re in another quandary. How do you slow this one down without curbing his or her enthusiasm too much?

As parents, we have to have good common sense and basic instincts to figure out child rearing dilemmas like these. Sure, there are plenty of books that you could buy that will tell you how to raise your child, but they aren’t a perfect guide for your exact situation. They’re great for suggestions and context, but always keep in mind that your children develop in their own unique way. As a parent, it’s your job to raise your child to become all that they’re capable of being. This is done through encouragement and instilling a sense of self-esteem. A child that has faith and self-love is more likely to become a loving, caring adult – and the way they are raised plays a major part in this. Your love, firm but gentle parenting skills, being there for them, showing them right from wrong, trusting your instincts, and teaching by example – all of these things make for a happy life full of love and trust.

Being divorced with children can be even more of a challenge. Please contact me if you need guidance or advice.

Trisha Festerling, J.D.

Family Law Attorney

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