Every state has child support guidelines that are used by the judges as a reference in deciding child support cases. Its main objective is to establish a fair standard of support for children. This standard is created to ensure that the children, even after the divorce of their parents, still receive support from both or either of them. It also aims to reduce the conflicts between the parties in order to promote the welfare of the children involved. In child support proceedings, the judge will carefully examine the facts and circumstances before it will render a decision. To calculate child support click here.

Parents Supporting Children through divorceThere are many factors that will be taken into consideration by the judge in issuing a child support order. The court will look into the sources of income of the parents. It will check whether or not the parent is capable of paying for the expenses of the children. The level of the annual income will be determined since it will be used as a basis for computing the amount that a parent may be ordered to pay as obligation to the children. The age of the kids will also be taken into consideration, as well as their relationship with the parents.

Child support cases may be heard in the main case for the petition for divorce or annulment. It may also be heard independently depending on when the affidavit is filed. As ruled by the Supreme Court in several cases, when it comes to children, their best interest must always be placed first. In issuing an order, the judge must see to it that all the facts and circumstances are verified to ensure that the interest of the children will be protected.

A child support agreement may also be drawn up between the parents. This is the extra-judicial way of settling the obligations of the mother and father with respect to their kids. The settlement between the parties must be duly notarized and authenticated in order to make it a public instrument. If you choose to deal with your spouse extra-judicially, it is still important that you hire the services of a lawyer. He or she will assist you in all the negotiations that you will enter with your partner. At the same time, the attorney will check if all the provisions in the agreement are beneficial on your part or not. Do not enter into any contract with your ex-husband or ex-wife without seeking legal counsel from an attorney in Milwaukee WI first.