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Question Details:

A woman I had relations with wants me to take a blood test for a paternity action. I know I am not the father and feel I should not have to be subject to a blood test. Can I avoid this?

Family Law Attorney Response:

Unfortunately, I do not think there is a way of getting around taking a blood test if the court requested you to submit one.

In J.P.L. v. J.H. (In re Paternity of T.P.L.) 120 Wis.2d 328, 354 N.W. 759 (Ct. App. 1984), the trial court placed a man in contempt because he refused to take a blood test. The man appealed the contempt but was unsuccessful, as Wisconsin statutory law grants trial courts the power to enforce a blood test and contempt if a person fails to submit the test.

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Dan Exner, J.D.

Family Law Attorney

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