– from Alan Q. in Oak Creek, WI

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My employer is cutting all of our salaries currently and, with the pay reduction, I will not be able to keep myself above water and pay the current maintenance fees to my ex-wife. Is it possible to have the maintenance order lowered?

Family Law Attorney Response:

I would like to hear more details about your case, but I feel there is a strong chance your maintenance payments can be lowered.

In Harris v. Harris, 141 Wis.2d 569, 415 N.W.2d 586, (Ct. App. 1987), the court of appeals decided a maintenance award can only be altered if a substantial change in financial circumstances has occurred. Once a court finds that there has been such a change in the situation, the court may alter such judgments respecting the amount of maintenance and the payment thereof, and make any judgment respecting any of the matters which such court might have made in the original action.

Give me a call to set up a consultation so we can go over those details.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
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