In the decided cases of the Supreme Court, it is very clear that every child’s best interest is protected. In the eyes of the law, more are given to those who are still in their tender years. A close scrutiny of the laws involving children will reveal that they have been legislated in a way to enhance the rights of every child and to promote their well being.

Good attorneys in Milwaukee will tell you they believe every child has the right to be recognized by his or her paternal parent. Nowadays, a child born out of wedlock can already acquire the family name of his or her father. Various state laws allow the filing of a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. Both parents can file an affidavit for acknowledgement of paternity with the proper court.

In cases where the mother and father cannot come into an agreement regarding the status of the child, one of them may institute a paternity suit. In this situation, the judge will hear the case and allow the parties to present evidence to support their individual claims. The officer of the court will put into consideration the best interest of the child. Since a minor is involved, the hearings will be conducted privately for the purpose of protecting the child.

A new born child rests his head on his father.

Once a person is declared as the father of a minor child, he now has the obligation to pay for the child support. It includes support for the daily needs of the son or daughter. The amount of the allowance or support may be subject to a compromise agreement between both parents. Most of the time, the father is obligated to pay for the educational expenses of the minor.

It must be noted that a case involving paternity differs from a custody suit. Just because a person is acknowledged as the legal father of the minor does not mean that he has custody over the child. The custody is usually awarded to the mother especially in cases where the minor is less than seven years old. However, the father is not left without any recourse. He can file a separate petition praying that he be awarded the child custody. Another option is to file an action in court with a prayer that he be allowed visitation rights.

The best way to understand paternity suits is to talk to a lawyer who handles that type of case. You can also search for the available legal statutes that deal with cases involving affirmation and acknowledgement of child paternity.