Family Law Attorney Albert Joseph Holl

Albert Joseph Holl

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Maintenance Law

Primary Location:
Milwaukee, WI
Licensed Since 1991

Attorney Albert Holl is no longer with Sterling Law Offices. To contact him directly, please send him a message through LinkedIn or Avvo.

About Albert Holl

For attorney Albert Joseph Holl, the decision to practice family law didn't come naturally out of his career arc, but from personal experience.

Albert is the proud father of two amazing children and first developed an interest in family practice when his family faced legal challenges as adoptive foster parents. As the client of a great family law practitioner in Texas, Albert understood from first-hand experience as a client, the importance of having a skilled and passionate advocate in your corner during a stressful and emotional legal case. It's a perspective he never forgets in his client representation and advocacy. In fact, his proudest moment as a practicing attorney came when he won a courtroom victory for loving foster parents who were faced with the unjust removal of a child from their home.

Albert believes a lawyer isn't just a professional servant, but a champion to stand in your corner and support you and your family while you go through tough times.

If you had to guess how Albert came to practice family law, you may be surprised. He graduated from Rutgers Law School in New Jersey in 1991 and practiced law briefly before being appointed as an FBI Special Agent in 1992. He spent the first part of his FBI career assigned to the New York Division where he conducted investigations that resulted in the dismantlement of national and international violent drug trafficking organizations and gangs. Following the 9-11 terrorist attacks, Albert was selected for a leadership role at FBI Headquarters in major counterterrorism investigations and ultimately served overseas in this role. In 2005, Albert was appointed as the head of the FBI Office in Corpus Christi, Texas.

In 2006, he was the recipient of the Attorney General's Award for Exception service, the Justice Department's highest service award for his work on a terrorism matter which resulted in the disruption of an active terrorism plot.

In 2009, Albert decided to resume his legal career and has worked for a major Texas law firm and a top 200 national firm representing Fortune 500 companies in high stakes litigation. He loves being in court and advocating for clients in hearings and at trial. He decided to pursue family practice full time because of the positive impact he can have on matters that directly affect people and families and enjoys bringing his diverse background, skills and experience as a dad, an FBI agent and a top litigator and trial attorney to bear for the benefit of Sterling Law Offices clients.

Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Albert Joseph Holl


Rutgers Law School

Doctor of Jurisprudence (1991)

Montclair State University

Bachelor of Arts, cum laude (1998)

Bar Memberships

State Bar of Wisconsin

Admitted in 2017

State Bar of Texas

Addmited in 2010

State Bar of New Jersey

Admitted in 1991

Honors and Awards

Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Service

Year: 2006

Albert Joseph Holl is a 2006 Recipient of the Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Service, the Justice Departments highest service award, for his work on a sensitive counterterrorism investigation.

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