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Sometimes, there's nothing you can do to make a marriage better no matter how hard you try. Then, when the divorce happens, it's scary. There's so many issues to think about: who gets custody of the kids, how is the property going to be divided, what about alimony or child support?

It can all be pretty overwhelming. Yet who do so many law firms put divorce cases on the bottom of their stack?

When going through a divorce, it's important to find a West Bend divorce lawyer who's not only knowledgeable about the law but passionate about helping people.

With locations throughout the state of Wisconsin, including those serving Washington County, Sterling Law Offices wants to change the way you think about family law.

For us, family law isn't an afterthought – it's all we do. Our team consists of experienced divorce attorneys, mediators, and Collaborative Law practitioners who know every nuance of the family court system.

Every one of us are here to put your mind at ease about the complexities of your case. We'll walk you through every step, from start to finish. If you have feedback, we not only listen but actively encourage it. This is your case, after all, you should be at the steering wheel. When a case is deciding important matters, ones that will set the stage for your life and we think you should be involved.

For most law firms, extra dedication or communication also means a higher bill. Sterling Law Offices wants to change your opinion on that too. We don't charge hourly, instead we only ask for an upfront, flat-rate fee. This means that we will never drag out a case unnecessarily, or charge you for day-to-day communication. Whether your case stays simple or gets complicated, you pay the same.

Sterling Law Offices truly cares about our clients and their well-being, and we make sure our business model reflects it.

Come into an office near West Bend today for a consultation. Don't hesitate. Call or e-mail us to start the next step of your life.

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Directions to our Offices

Our locations serving family law clients in West Bend, WI:

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Brookfield Office – Head west on W Washington Street then turn left to merge onto US-45 S. Go for 11 miles then merge onto I-41/US-45 S. Continue for another 19 miles. Take the I-41 exit, staying right to continue onto I-94 W. Take exit 301B and merge onto S Moorland Road. Take a left on Shopping Center Ring Road then at the four way stop past the mall take a slight left onto Brookfield Square Drive. Free Parking is available on the east and north sides of the building and the parking lot can be accessed from either Brookfield Square Drive or S Executive Drive. The trip is about 37 miles with an estimated drive time of 40 minutes.

Milwaukee Office – Head west on W Washington Street then turn left to merge onto US-45 S. Go for 11 miles then merge onto I-41/US-45 S. Take the I-41 exit then stay left to merge onto I-94 E. After five miles stay left to merge onto I-794 E. Once on I-794 E stay left to take exit 1E for Van Buren Street N. Keep left at the exit and merge on to E Clybourn Street. Finally, take a right on N Jefferson Street and our office will be on the left-hand side across from the Blackthorn Pub & Grill. There's metered parking nearby and a parking garage about a block away on E Mason Street (ABM Parking). The trip is about 40 miles with an estimated drive time of 45 minutes.

Menomonee Falls Office – This might be the most convenient location for you. Head west on W Washington Street then turn left to merge onto US-45 S. Go for 11 miles then merge onto I-41/US-45 S. Continue for another 13 miles then take exit 46. Turn right on W Silver Spring Drive then take a left on Campbell Drive. Our offices will be in the first group of buildings on the left. Free parking is available in front of the building. The trip is about 27 miles with an estimated drive time of just under 30 minutes.

Waukesha Office – Head west on W Washington Street then turn left to merge onto US-45 S. Go for 11 miles then merge onto I-41/US-45 S. Then take exit 57 and turn right onto WI-167 W/Holy Hill Road. Turn left on WI-164 S and follow it four about 14 miles, continuing straight through any traffic circles. Finally, turn right on to Riverwood Drive. There is a large, free parking lot available for use in front of the building. The trip is about 33 miles with an estimated drive time of 42 minutes.


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